CAD Services.

We have been dealing with Plan-London for many years and have always received outstanding service. Whether for full drawing survey or compliance plans and EPC’s they have been efficient with immediate response.

We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.

- Richard DeSmith (Feiner DeSmith)

If its drawings of buildings you’re after, then we’re here to help. There are so many things we can assist you with and here are but a few:

Plans from Plans – Don’t re-invent the wheel.
“Measure twice cut once” is what most (hopefully all!) tradespeople would say. Which is good advice but doesn’t always suit every situation.
If you already have drawings that are accurate but not exactly what you need, then we are able – in most cases – to import those drawings into CAD, trace over them and produce a new clean set. They can then be used as a basis for lease registration, initial design planning, paper airplanes, etc…

Area Calculations from Plan
Working with developers we are able to produce area calculations presented in various ways, depending on their requirements, including: GEA, GIA, NIA, IPMS. This helps them establish the proposed areas of the property in relation to off-plan sales.
This usually entails being provided with the architects’ CAD files, defining the areas and producing area schedules with area reference plans.

Space Planning

We have many years of working within the office fit-out industry and work with several companies providing space planning service. Once again we can take existing floor plans you already have or carry out a survey then in-line with your requirements/ideas we can produce floor plans showing how everything would fit into the space (or not in some instances, it’s not the Tardis!).

Please note that if you provide us with plans to work from, the new plans will only be as accurate as the plans you’ve given us. The new plans will be cleaner, nicer, but not more accurate. We’re good, but not THAT good!

Marketing Plans
If you are selling/renting a property it sometimes helps if you have a marketing floor plan to pass onto interested parties. We can provide you with accurate and presentable floor plans either based on plans you already have or from a survey we carry out for you.