Measured Surveys.

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- Jonathan Dearden (Northern & Shell Plc)

Many services come under the umbrella of Measured Surveys and different people/organisations call them different things, including: Measured Surveys (of course!), dimensional Surveys, Surveys, Full Surveys, 3D Survey…

So, when we receive an enquiry asking for any of the above, the first thing we do is try and clarify what you mean and more importantly what is your end goal.

If you require a Measured Survey to confirm the size of a property, then please have a look at our Area Calculations page.

Measured Surveys

If you are planning to carry out alterations to an existing property or build a new one, then in most cases, your architect, surveyor, designer or contractor (not to mention your local council planning department) will need a set of existing drawings. These drawings will show the existing layout of the property or land in some or all of the following ways:

  • Site plan with topography
  • Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections

We can visit your property and carry out a survey in accordance with the current RICS measuring guidelines. Surveys are carried out using the most appropriate equipment including: Handheld laser, Total Station or Laser Scanner. We then process the data when back in the office and draw up the required drawings using CAD (Computer Aided Design). We use Autodesk AutoCAD which is the industry standard.

We can also provide you with paper versions of the drawings, in case you like to kick it ole skool!